Schedule for the Week of February 8, 2016

It’s the week of LOVE!!!!  What’s synonymous with “love”?  Hearts!  Let’s make it healthy hearts!!!  What’s better than healthy hearts???  Come get healthy with me this week.

I am getting my Insanity certification tomorrow and Friday will be my very first Insanity class.  I’m so excited!!!  I would love your support (Yes!  You are reading it correctly, 5:30AM!) bright and early in the morning.

Let’s make this week about healthy habits and healthy couples…  Whether it is your bestfriend, your spouse, your significant out…  Bring them to one of my classes and get fit together!  When you have an accountability partner or you workout with friends, you are more likely to stick with a program.  So, bring someone with you and let’s have some fun!  I have passes for my Texas Family Fitness classes, so contact me if you need them!

See you this week!

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