Me? Tabata? Absolutely!

January 4, 2015.  First Tabata class!

Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 12:45, I walked into our Plano West gym and introduced a class in a new time slot that I had quite a deep passion for.  I had been teaching Zumba for the Frisco facility for almost a year and asked for a change.  My boss, who believes in her instructors, found a spot for me at this facility.   Tabata is the reason why I fell in love with fitness and the Plano West club members’ love their group exercise classes.  We started off as a small group, now we are a full room each week.  A year later, I am teaching Tabata at three of our Texas Family Fitness locations.

What is Tabata?

Tabata training is a form of High Intensity Interval Training based upon a 1996 study by Dr. Izumi Tabata, initially developed for the Japanese Olympic speed skating team.  This training regimen uses 20 seconds of full-out effort, intense exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  This is repeated for four minutes or eight cycles, followed by a minute of rest.  By training using this method, Tabata training will raise your metabolism and heart rate immediately because you are performing the exercises at your maximum effort.  Because of this, your body will have to work much harder to keep the effort up, causing your heart to pump fast and your metabolism to “rev up.”  If your goal is to lose fat, this type of training is optimum!  It is much better than steady state training (i.e. strolling on the treadmill while watching t.v.).  Additionally, you will be in that fat burning stage not only during the workout, but after the workout as well.  YOU WILL BE BURNING FAT AN HOUR OR MORE AFTER YOU WORK OUT!

Who Can Take This Class?

Does this seem too extreme for you?  No worries!  The feedback that I receive from most of my students that take my class for the first time is, “Thank you so much for showing modifications!”  All fitness levels are welcome in my Tabata class.  Everyone deserves to be fit!  To answer the question “Who can take this class?” the answer is simple.  EVERYONE!  With each move I give options:  1) The regular move  2) Modification  3) More challenging option.  If there are needs for modified modifications, I give those as well.  As I said…  It is for EVERYONE!

The Joys of Progress

After a few months of Plano West members asking for more Tabata classes, I was asked to start teaching a Tabata class at a new club we were opening in east Plano.  Of course, I said yes!  More people to bring the joy of Tabata!

Radhika:  Progress turning into perfection!

Not long after we started the class, a young lady named Radhika became a regular to the class.  She was a soft spoken, eager, young lady that was new to fitness.  She reminded me of younger version of my daughter.  We started off with modifications and the proper form for the modifications.  Radhika would listen to my cues.  I would see her  attempting to move out of the modifications into the regular moves.  Each time she made an attempt, I would walk her through how to complete the move safely.  We would work on form and Radhika would listen and soak in what I was telling her to work on.  Instead of quitting, she would go to the modification of the move when she needed.  This is a common act that I tell participants to do in class.  “Modify instead of quitting.  Just keep moving!”

Soon, Radhika was attempting the advanced moves in Tabata.  The first time I saw her doing this, I couldn’t stop smiling!  Did she want to give up?  I’m sure she did, but she was pushing herself!  That is what Tabata is about!  Sometimes, I will push her a little bit more.  I love that she is challenging herself.  I keep thinking about when she came into my class the first time:  using three pound weights, doing stationary lunges, barely squatting.  Now she is increasing her weights, popping up in plyo lunges and getting down low in her squats – ALL IN PROPER FORM.  Just for fun, I like to get next to Radhika in class and workout with her to remind her how far she has come.  You know what.  She is smiling when she does it!

When Can You Tabata?

This past fall, I brought my spin of  Tabata to the Allen Texas Family Fitness location.  I have some of our Plano folks that attend this class weekly.  Just like each class, we have all fitness levels!  So, when can you Tabata with us?  Here is our current Tabata schedule:

Tabata schedule class picture
Locations mentioned above refer to Texas Family Fitness facilities.  For specific address locations, visit

I hope that you will join us!  Not only will you enjoy the workout, but you just might find your accountability partner that will help you reach your goals for this New Year!

I’ll see you in the gym!



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