My son decided he wanted to get dressed up last night to hang out with his sister.

Last night was my husband’s Holiday (i.e. Christmas) Party.  What does that mean?  Food, food, food and more FOOD!  Everyone is curious as to the entertainment, of course.  We cannot wait to mingle with our friends, obviously.  However, every year the food is exceptional!

The company is not greedy on the food, either!  You are greeted by drinks and appetizers as you enter the party (before the ballroom is opened).  There are a variety of options for you to choose from.  I believe this year they had about six appetizers floating around the room and three signature drinks, plus an open bar.  The main meal is served buffet style and is a wide variety of salads, sides and meats.  I believe we had six dessert options this year.  I could be wrong.  Around 1:00am they put out snacks in the lobby for us.  This year it included an array of cuisines:  flavored popcorn, powdered beignets, pork sliders, Cuban bread pudding and mozzerella sticks.  As I said, there is no lack of food choices at this party.

I made the mistake this year of not arriving with a plan of attack when it came to the food.  It is always important that you have one.  Not only because you don’t want to feel guilty the next day ( and possibly most often give up until next year), but you won’t feel physically sick that day!  You want to enjoy yourself and have fun.  Some things you can do include:

  • Eat a light meal prior to leaving for your function.
  • If drinking, alternate between water and your alcoholic beverage of choice.
  • Eat with a plan!  My friend Alisa posted a #OnePlateChallenge during Thanksgiving and I kept that in mind while I was selecting my dining options.
  • Is it heavy?  You are at this event to have fun.  Heavy foods make you tired and uncomfortable.  Enjoy yourself!  Don’t be miserable.


I will say that even though I did not go in without a plan, I did fairly well.  I stuck to the #oneplatechallenge and it was veggies and seafood…  No sauces!  Hubby had three plates…  Three salads.  I’ll give him a pass.  As I said, no appetizers.  I was too busy catching up with people, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut enough to put food in it.  A friend came to our table with her dessert table winnings and it was mostly chocolate.  Since I am not a fan of chocolate, I had no desire to visit the dessert table.  HOWEVER, another friend and the neighboring table had vanilla (maybe banana flavor) desserts that did look delicious.  We were grabbing her to go take pictures and I thought I would visit the dessert table when we got back.  When I returned, the music was to hype not to get on the dance floor and I was not even thinking about dessert.

4f58f09fd4c3450418e70b855c2b3402Although I did stay away from the dessert and appetizers and after-hours snacks (except and 8oz cup of popcorn), I did have more than two alcohol beverages.  I enjoyed the champagne cocktails.  Yes, two is typically my limit.  I think that the amount of dancing I did last night burned off the excess calories.  My husband even had to get one of his friends to tag in at times.  One of us is not doing enough cardio.

Today, I feel great!  I feel great because I do not have any after-party guilt.  I did not overindulge that is making me feel horribly today.  My legs are on fire from the heels/squat selfies/dancing.  I loved seeing all of my old coworkers and friends last night.

As you plan for your upcoming parties, have your strategy ready to make it successful AND enjoyable!  As I mentioned earlier, this is the time of year most people let go of their clean eating habits and say, “I’ll get back on track next year.”  Stay on track.  Let 2016 be the year that you don’t have to worry about those extra 10 pounds that you put on in December.

I’m here if you need me!


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