Schedule for Week of August 3, 2015… With Explanations

You may notice a few changes to my schedule this week.  Some are permanent, some are temporary.

My goal is to always help my students, my members, find the best versions of themselves.  Whether we are in the studio or they are messaging while they struggle with their fitness journey at home.  For me to do that, I have to make sure that I am delivering the best “me” that I can be.  This past month, I found that I was spreading myself too thin and I was suffering.  While I was giving myself to my students, I wasn’t being there for myself and my family.  After much prayer, I have given up some classes from my weekly schedule.

During this time of prayer, I also heard Someone speaking back to me saying, “You aren’t doing enough to give back.”  An opportunity came my way to help fulfill this void.  The void isn’t full.  My heart is telling me that I need to reach more people, touch more lives that lead to a healthier, happier world.  That may sound sappy, but that is my truth.

My schedule may continue to change.  It may become fuller, it may become emptier.  What it will become is a vision of formats that make me “jump out of bed” ready to teach.  If you see it on my schedule, know you are getting the best of me.  You will get a “Syl Style” workout.  Always remember….  It’s you vs. you!

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