Who Am I?

The best way to start my story begins with me breaking down in a plus size women’s store dressing room.  I was trying to squeeze myself into a size 16W and I was nowhere near able to lift it over my derrière.  I was sweating and began to cry.  I had stopped stepping on the scale at 220 pounds.  I had no idea what I weighed at this point.  I told myself it was time for a change and this time it was going to be permanent.  I remembered what my “happy weight” was and I decided to make a plan to reach this weight again.  I was employed as a corporate recruiter and was very successful as this role.  It was important that when I met prospective clients and prospective recruits, they could trust their futures with someone that “had it together”.

I began walking and researching eating right.   I had also got pregnant and went through a stressful divorce.  The emotions took a toll on my weight.  I began dating a very active man.  We began running together, at a time that he was trying to “give it up,” I had become hooked.  I began training for 5K’s, then 10K’s and ultimately a half marathon.  The day we got married, I was 190 pounds.  Nowhere near my goal weight, but he made me feel like a princess.  When we returned from our honeymoon, I immediately joined a female, non-military style boot camp and dropped another fifty-two pounds.  I was extremely happy in my skin.  I started to receive the popular question, “How did you do it?” which led me to the next step in my journey…

In 2011, I began studying for my AFAA personal training certification.  In June, I passed and began a healthcare initiative at the company in which I was employed.  We started weight loss competitions and I led workouts and health lectures during these competitions.  When the competitions were not being held, my coworkers would still seek my guidance, and I loved being able to help them during their journey.  I also began working for the same boot camp that I started my weight loss journey.  I am continuously adding certifications and adding to my education to make me the best instructor I can be.

With the enthusiasm and encouragement of my husband, I left the corporate world to pursue Fitness full-time.  This allows me to pursue my passion and help others to explore their personal journeys to a healthier, happier, fitter person.  My job is to be their coach, their shoulder to cry on and their motivator when they feel they can’t go on.  I do it proudly!  With every class, work out, personal training session, etc.; my motto is the same:  “It’s you vs. you”.  The only competition that you should be with is yourself.  You should be enough.  You don’t know what the person’s journey is next to you; you only know your journey.  You are enough reason to improve your life…  And I’m more than happy to help you to do so!

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