Journey #2

I have lost 22 pounds since I was released from my last surgery, June 7th. I haven't been able to loose any more weight since then. I went to a workout class right after I was released from my doctor and I fainted. It was humiliating. The "The Tabata Queen" can't even complete a 50 minute class. I'm embarrassed that my past clients have seen me in my state. They have seen my previous before and after picture, but now I feel like a failure. Like I let them down. I would rather sit in my room with my shades drown and lights off than see anyone. I see myself waddle in the reflection of a glass and I just want to cry. This is not who I am. I see pictures of myself and I cringe.

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Who Am I?

The best way to start my story begins with me breaking down in a plus size women’s store dressing room.  I was trying to squeeze myself into a size 16W and I was nowhere near able to lift it over my derrière.  I was sweating and began to cry.  I had stopped stepping on the... Continue Reading →

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You all know how important family is to me...  That includes my fitness family!  I respect what they are doing in this facility and I am excited that they have asked me to be a part of it!  We have some top-notch trainers here and passion is oozing out the doors.  You cannot beat that!

The Heart of an Instructor

While I have been taking my hiatus from teaching,  I have not stopped thinking of my sweet friends from classes.  The other day I gathered the signs that I would place at the front desk before my classes, and removed them from my car.  I sat them on my bed and just stared at them.  I looked at each sign and reflected on each class it represented; thinking about the students, milestones and good times had.  And then it happened...

Mentos… Or Mentors

During my career I have been grateful to have, and still have, a number of mentors shape me into the person I am today. Whether they have been in the corporate part of my life or fitness portion. They have all rounded me out into a person I feel that I can be proud of. I believe that it is well past time for me to share a great big thank you to these women for shaping me over this past decade, plus. Now as I write this, I know I will not do these ladies the justice that they deserve, but allow me to introduce you to my Mentor Tree.

To The Tribe….

It's been a month since I've seen my wonderful tribe. There is no schedule attached, no subs to mention. Today, you will simply find a profound and heavy-hearted apology. After five weeks of missing my Tabata Tribe, my "peeps", my faithful followers that would show up whether I was able to perform 100% or give 10%; I have to say goodbye to my group classes.

Under Construction

I have really enjoyed the team at Peak Physical Therapy. They are different from my other PT experiences. They take the time to spend with you and make sure that your form is correct and positioning is all in line. It is all about TEAM. Each person is there to help everyone out.

Love Life_Week of 4/24/17

Although I have missed the crazy schedules and seriously thought that I was going to go crazy and be depressed, I've learned to love every minute of my current life. Are you currently capable of doing that? That is my challenge to you!

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